In the past, children played with toy guns while playing games such as cops and robbers, or cowboys and Indians. The parents weren’t bothered, because they thought it was just harmless games. This topic has emerged in a heated discussion among various psychologists, parents, law enforcement officials, and behavioral therapists. Parents and teachers should be able to educate children to discourage violence and war. This will enlighten children with the fact that weapons are meant for defense and should only be used by interested individuals – not a game. Even if parents don’t buy kids a play gun, kids can make one with the help of sticks and other materials.

Kids can’t be blamed for using toy guns as they always have nature to worship and imitate the action heroes from the movies. Parents play an important role in diverting their children’s interests to nonviolent things. They must limit the media that support violence and try to inject peace and humanity into their little ones to become the best citizens of tomorrow. Educate children from parents or teachers about the difference between real and imagination.

A controversy in this debate is that once you ban something to your child, that child will be more attracted to that object. So it’s best to give your child a toy gun and see if he loses interest after a day or two. A parent can distract his child’s attention by highlighting some astroshot other game object and convincing him that he doesn’t want his child to play with a game gun. Children can play with toy guns at their friends’ homes with the known fact of why such a toy is absent in their home. Sometimes they can even educate their friends about the bad effects of violence.

With proper communication between parents and children, convincing can be easier. For this, parents have to spend a lot of time with children. Talk to children freely and sensibly. The toy gun cannot be blamed for all the violence encountered in teenagers. Violent behavior in boys arises from several factors. Family relationships play an important role in the child’s behavior. Children who turn into violence later have been identified that the characteristics can result from profound frustration and lack of care. The family background of most of these children reveals that children do not have a healthy bond with their parents.

Too much exposure to violence to children should not be allowed because most of them are influenced by action movies that promote violence. The basic character shaping for a human takes place during his or her childhood. Since media promoting violence cannot be banned completely, children should be educated about the harmful effects of violence and make them aware of other interesting programs that are also educational. Before giving any toy to children, parents should try the toy first. They also need to monitor how children play with it. You can discover the tastes and habits of his children by participating with them during play time.