A job recruiter must be successful in their positions to gain respect in the community in which they work. This means that you must be able to quickly find potential employees, select them and send them to the potential employer. Job recruiters also need to be able to handle several clients at the same time in most cases. There are several types of job recruiters. One type of recruiter is a person within the company. This means that they work in-house for a company and thus take care of any recruiting needs their company may have.

This type of job headhunter doesn’t usually get a commission on every person he finds for the available position. The second type of job recruiter is called a third party recruiter or headhunter. These recruiters will receive commissions for every employee they find. Within the third party option there are also two types. You can have a retained job recruiter who receives upfront payment for the job or you can have a contingent recruiter who receives payment only after the position is filled.

More often than not, a job recruiter is assigned to fill senior positions in larger companies or in the sports industry. For this reason, a job recruiter is different from a temporary agency or other employment agency. Their primary goal is to help their client, business or company, find the right employee for the position. If you are a company, looking for a job headhunter, you will want Apply Today to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of using their professional services. When weighing the advantages versus the disadvantages, a job recruiter may not be the best option for your business. First, we’ll look at the benefits listed below and then look at the drawbacks for companies. We will then analyze the advantages and disadvantages for potential employees.


Time savings
Background check
Ask someone to select potential employees
Test the skills of potential employees
Often higher level positions
Internal job recruiters
Advertise for the location
Most companies believe that time management is an essential part of building a successful business. This means that any work they can do quickly and efficiently is important. Often, when you are part of a larger company, you don’t have time to spend looking for potential employees, interviewing and hiring the right person along with other tasks. A job recruiter is able to do the job for you. This means that you are saving time for other, more important matters. Job recruiters will select potential employees, which is also a time saver. The job recruiter will have the information about the opening of the job, so they can sift through the resumes coming from the office and eliminate a potential candidate from the list, narrowing the choices of the company. During the screening process is also the aspect of employee testing. Not all job recruiters will test employees for the skills needed for the position. This is where they differ from an employment agency. They can test specific skills or leave these options to the company. Part of the skill assessment and employee screening is to help the company fill higher-level positions. Low-level positions or mid-level positions may not require a lot of skills. This means that companies tend to make these hires internally rather than creating extra expense. A company wants to know that it is receiving a qualified professional for the position without wasting time interviewing every potential candidate. While it is up to the company to increase employee potential, most of the time it is working on the information provided by the headhunter. When a job recruiter helps you find a potential employee, it saves you on advertising costs.