Initially God made the universe, the earth, the animals that occupy the earth and man. To date there is no obvious proof to demonstrate something else, just hypotheses that extrapolate conceivable outcomes and build up specifications and guess to give conceivable elective clarifications to our reality and the universe we live in. To put it plainly, we are offered an elective clarification to accept or relegate our confidence as well. So let us work from the predicate God is. Assuming we specify God is, we should likewise specify the portrayal of God and occasions credited to God should be actually as the solitary composed record we have of God, the book of scriptures; advises us. After all God discloses to us the holy book is his statement. (John 1:1 initially was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God) Jesus is the expression of God, which reminds us Jesus was God in bodily form. (John 1:14 And the Word became tissue (Jesus), and sanctuary among us. What’s more, we viewed His brilliance, the greatness as of the solitary sired of the Father, brimming with elegance and of truth) We can cover this in more detail in another meeting.

Working from this record we realize God made man in the picture and resemblance of God. Realizing we are made in God’s picture and resemblance, we at that point realize we were made with qualities of God. We realize we were made without information on evil and along Father George Rutler these lines without expectation to endure any ailment, like passing, infection, need, disdain, covetousness, desire, bias, etc…. the rundown goes on. Being made in God’s picture we were made to be sweeping, adoring, limitlessly plentiful, solid, everlasting, etc….. Furthermore, the rundown goes on. We were made in short to live without the impacts of fiendishness, however with the possibility to learn or know it. We were made as God is with freedom of thought to settle on our own decisions. God didn’t make manikins he made man, free deduction, allowed to pick, man.

Man being allowed to pick, picked inadequately. Man had everything at no expense to the species by any means. Man had domain over all the earth and every one of its occupants, and all the vegetation, everything being equal. Man would not know passing, or disease, or grief, or dissatisfaction, man would in a word just know heaven. Man needed a certain something, the information on evil. God is an ideal, heavenly, exemplary being who stays where sin is absent or allowed. Similarly as there is light and dim, life and passing, there must be malicious just as great. Evil is the direct opposite of good. God made everything with a potential inverse, or the likelihood to exist essentially because of the shortfall of expectation. All in all God didn’t make evil, yet rather evil is the inescapable aftereffect of the shortfall of good. God made the holy messengers. The most delightful and awesome of these heavenly messengers was Lucifer. Lucifer like all higher structures was made from expectation, and inside the goal is potential, the possibility to practice choice decision.