Online games are one of the best ways for people to kill a few hours of time, but some of the online games can be addictive and you may find yourself playing them for hours on end. The best online games tend to be the simplest, but it can always be depressing once you finish a game that you really enjoy. These are some of the best online games that you can play if you want to have a good time killing time.

Monster Den is one of the best RPGs online, although it is incredibly simple with elementary graphics. It’s still one of the most fun RPGs you can have playing RPGs on the internet, and you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing class, feats, abilities, and other aspects of the character you create. You just go through the game killing enemies, upgrading your items, and upgrading your characters. This game will take weeks to complete, but it will be time well spent for fun.

King’s Island is a great adventure game that you can play, although it works similar to an RPG. Your character starts out with nothing and you improve your character while he solves a peasant revolt for your king. Weapons improve as your enemies get tougher, and you can collect a lot of coins for killing your enemies, coins that you can spend by purchasing upgrades. This game is great because you are fully involved in your character’s progress, and you can spend hours sitting and killing peasants and warriors as they attack you.

Rem Remover is a strange puzzle game that is oddly cute and a lot of fun. You have a series of red boxes that you have to click to make them disappear, but you UFABET  have to prevent the green boxes from falling to their destination. The faces on the boxes are adorable, and the challenge of the game will keep you playing for hours.

CounterStrike fans will find Paradise Paintball to be one of the best online games to play, and this combines classic online paintball games with a CounterStrike feel that will appeal to all die-hard CS fans.

Eternal Red is similar to your classic tower defense game, but in side-scrolling action that is combined with a fighting game. Not only can you configure your turrets and weapons to take down the enemies that break free from the “Portal of Hell”, but you can also arm your character and face the enemies face to face.

My Hobo is a unique game that is like an RPG, but with a hobo as the hero of the game. Your skills include begging, how many cans you can collect, and how much respect you can earn. This text game is for those who love the classics, but will find that they can spend hours leading their homeless man to the top of the slums with these online games.