It doesn’t matter who you actually are, a graphic designer, web designer, viewer, concept developer, animator, or layout artist. If you belong with the word “Graphic Design”, this is for you.

That’s roughly the time I was in the early stage of learning graphic design. For me it was about experimenting and playing with colors. Starting with a blank canvas in Adobe Photoshop and ending with an illusion, which cannot be predicted correctly, what does it denote? Yet it was a designed graphic.

I still remember that most of my big projects actually started without any concepts and were conceptualized, after I finished them. I called it quality by mistake.

This is not the story of me alone, it infects this belongs to thousands of newcomers and for some time also to professionals.

This “One Lesson Book – The Graphic Design” article is entirely devoted to explaining the most critical and important factor in designing conceptualized luxury brand graphic designer
and meaningful graphics for the highly demanding corporate design world.

Graphic design is no longer the art of playing with colors; it is a complete set of processes to follow.

– Understanding of the basic concept.

– Visualization

– Value creation

– Sketches

– Layout design

– Final touch

1) Understanding of the basic concept

The basic concept is actually the message, which needs to be delivered to the audience of your graphic. Better to call it a graphic object. So, before double-clicking the graphic editor icon, set a main message for future graphics. Think about what you need, your audience needs to know from this chart. So look at your concept from the customer’s point of view, are you getting what you want to show?

2) View

I believe the most critical factor in designing meaningful graphics is visualizing and designing the concept. Concept, i.e. how will you deliver your message to your audience? Concept, which single illusion will replace your 1000 words?

In this step it is necessary to visualize the graphical aspect of the future graphics. You need to view the contents of the chart.

Let me give you an example:
I once saw an advertisement for a car company in a magazine. In the graphic, they had placed a luxurious white sofa on four wheels. Obviously they wanted to show their customers how much comfort the car offers the driver.

This is an elegant example of how to get the basic concept (“Delivering Comfort”) and visualize a design (“Luxurious Sofa on Four Wheels”).

3) Value creation

Creating value means you need to visualize your design based on product value or brand value. What I mean is, you can’t visualize a beggar signing a check with a luxurious Parker O pen, you can’t visualize a family sitting and smiling in a red Ferrari racing car.

Brands have certain values ​​and you need to design your graphics accordingly to maintain their brand value.