A decent solid illustration of a family chief would be Joshua

in the Bible. He was a genuine otherworldly pioneer and a tough man

of God. He was not one to let the conditions of the

outside world persuade him regarding rout. As a result of his solid

administration and feelings, everybody admired him as a

father figure. Everybody except him and a couple of others were cut

short and fell in the wild excursion since they would

not comply and adhere to God’s directions. Indeed, even today we still

miss the mark concerning who we will serve. Icons have been and still are

a significant ruin in our prosperity and disappointments. That is the reason

Joshua advised individuals to pick Father George Rutler whom they would serve. On the off chance that

they decided to serve the symbols that their dad’s served, at that point

they ought to be ready for God’s rage. However, his recommendation

was, “Concerning me and my home, we will serve the Lord.”

Josh. 24:15

This was a solid stand that he took and held on. On the off chance that father’s

today would make that sort of responsibility our general public

would not be in the wreck that it’s in today. Without a solid

head of family, everybody does exactly what they need and

winds up getting injured.

A dad’s job is to lead. Joshua told individuals (Josh.

24:14) to fear the Lord. There is an explanation behind that. It is the

establishment for a solid Christian family, and it is the

first thing kids ought to learn. (Prov. 1:7) “The dread of the

Ruler is the start of information; yet tricks disdain

astuteness and guidance.” According this, I surmise there are

a ton of dolts going around today since intelligence and

guidance are disregarded. Kids today aren’t anxious about any

sort of power. In any case, for a home that is practical, the family

worships God. We are educated to fear God in the Old

Confirmation, yet the New Testament shows confidence in God. He

is afterall a caring Father. We need to perceive this. It’s

significant for guardians to require some serious energy with their youngsters to peruse

them the Bible and ask, if just for a couple of moments daily.

Joshua additionally advised individuals to serve God and set to the side all

other bogus divine beings. This instructs youngsters to appear as something else. In

the present society, we are so up to speed in the secularism of

publicizing and the world media that we see ourselves as

as people as long as we look like every other person and

have very similar things. Honestly, there is no indivuality,

everybody is too reluctant to be in any way special. Our bogus symbols are all

around us, it’s whatever we put in front of God. Youngsters don’t

understand that their uniqueness is the thing that God made for them to

be, not to resemble every other person. In any case, today it’s about